Dear Journal #5

Hello there wigglers of all shapes and sizes ūüôā Let me start off by welcoming you all to a hopefully happy 2011, and my apologies for posting so late. The last time I posted was last year, haha xD I hope that most of you made a resolution or two and are trying to stick to it. I’ve been sticking to some of my 100’s of resolutions.

A few of which involve this blog. Posting more often, especially, but also trying to be more entertaining and maybe do some media posting or reviews. I don’t know if anyone knows this about (it’s kind of¬†secret) I am a scaredy-cat¬†but at the same time I am a horror movie enthusiast. So if I do start doing reviews be expecting a ton of scary movies. They’re my favorite!

¬†Yesterday I watched the movie The Uninvited. *WARNING, CONTAINS¬†MEGA SPOILERS* I was hiding behind my blanket most of the time, because it was made by the makers of The Ring and that movie scared the pants off of me. But it wasn’t nearly as scary, and the twist ending is genius. Call me stupid for still raving about it, but if you have seen the movie you know what I mean. The ending is a lot deeper than this but here’s basically what happens: After an intense fight scene, the main protagonist (Ana) is over-joyed to find out that her sister (Alex) had killed the antagonist (Rachel). But it turns out that Alex died years ago in a fire that also killed their mother and that Ana actually killed Rachel, who was innocent the whole time. Earlier in the film Alex and Ana had discovered that Rachel Summers wasn’t the antagonist’s real name and suspected that she was someone named Meredith Kemp, who used to be a nanny, but slaughtered the three children she babysits. While Ana is arrested for Rachel’s murder, the police man wonders why Ana would lie about Rachel’s name being Meredith Kemp. The final scene shows Ana back at her past psychiatric ward, then shows a roommate by the name of Meredith Kemp.

Very complicated, I know, but you have to actually watch the movie. Don’t watch it if you just read all that up there because the movie won’t be any good. So that’s about it for now. I’ve already spoiled a good movie for you ūüėÄ Be expecting some actual reviews and ratings soon. But for now, ta-ta!

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Dear Journal 4

A ho-ho-ho to all who celebrate Christmas on this fine morning! It’s that time of year again where we all run to that tree in our house to find a sea of presents and stockings stuffed to the brim with candy and little gifts. Christmas is my most favorite holiday. I can’t say it’s all due to the delicious food or seeing my relatives, because it is also due to the awesome presents I get from my parents and…

(That was inserted solely for comedic purposes.) Yes, Santa. The man who slips down your chimney/door/window and delivers gifts. You’re also supposed to leave out cookies for him, and he will eat them. No matter how complex your Christmas tradition may be, Santa will always find a way to your house on Christmas eve. I know my tradition is pretty complicated.

  1. Visit my dad’s sister’s house. Aka my aunt’s house.
  2. Visit my mom’s brother’s house. Aka my uncle’s house.
  3. Go home, possibly open one present then go to sleep.

That occurs from about 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Christmas eve. I get presents from each of those locations. This year I received…

  • A Casio Keyboard
  • Lots of clothing (including pajamas, slippers, sweaters, jeans, shirts,¬†scarves¬†and jewelry)
  • A guitar-playing CD and manual
  • Gift cards (for GAP, Chilli’s and the movies)
  • ¬†A stamp-art set
  • Stocking stuffers (including candy, Peeps, lip gloss, markers and gel pens)
  • And I’m still awaiting my dad’s gift

I also bought/made gifts for others.

  • For one aunt/uncle combo….A 3-D Puzzle and Mad-Gab
  • For my dad…A little poem thingy that I made
  • For my mom…A bath/body bag
  • For my Grandma…A bath/body bag
  • For my brother…A name plate that I made

Well, time to sign off. Adios, feliz navidad y un feliz ano nuevo!

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Dear Journal 3

Wowza, three or so months? That’s a pretty long time. I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting, I almost forgot about WordPress! Most of this is due to my outside life; lots of school work and other things that keep me occupied. I’m a big facebooker¬†now for some reason that I don’t understand, it’s so addicting, and I’ll just check back every five minutes for something as minute as a single message or notification. It’s pathetic, I’m aware of this already and I’m striving to spend less time on the big F.B and more time on my WordPress life, updating it with somewhat important and entertaining things. Hence why I am on here right now.

I’ve also been doing a ton of creative things and jotting down every little idea that comes to mind. Currently I’m typing a novel here on my computer that’s about 24 pages right now. My lowest estimate, I would have to say, is 35 pages at least. If I don’t reach that goal (which I highly doubt) I am going to scream. Loudly.¬†

As you may or may not have noticed, I’m going on a riot about something very uninteresting, since there’s too much to talk about and I’m trying to avoid the dreaded carpal tunnel. But I am trying to make my posts longer and more interesting (that’s working out-heh-sarcasm). I guess I’ll start off with a few little bits of what’s going on in my life right now. Hm, I signed up for girls basketball *applause*. In two days is what we Americans celebrate as Thanksgiving, or the preferred, turkey day. I call it turkey day for the following factors:

  1. Who are we thanking? I guess for me, I’d be my parents and family who put together the scrumptious¬†lil’ dinner every 26th of November. But who do they thank? The people who slaughter the turkeys? And they thank the turkeys? And the turkeys¬†thank their fellow turkeys?
  2. What does it have to do with the discovery of America? I mean, yeah they ate that big feast blah blah¬†blah but what’s the significance¬†of the overpriced meats and every store being closed? How, I mean, what-I’m not even gonna go there.¬†

However, I’m not completely one hundred percent in favor of ”turkey day” either. When did turkeys come into this equation? Or liquor? Or apple sauce, for that matter. I’m gonna stop now, actually, because Thanksgiving is an important, unique holiday (Not to mention the five days I have off from school)! Bu-bye now.

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Dear Journal 2

8/30/10 School started today

Hello wigglers! If you need an explanation to why I was not posting, I figure I’d save myself time if I waited until something eventful happened instead of posting twice (once about school and once about my last few days of freedom, which were generally boring). If you do, however, need me to talk about those last few days, I will. My bike got stolen ūüė¶ That’s about it. Oh, and I went school-shopping (exciting, huh?) Now I shall talk about school and what happened on this first day of 7th Grade…

Well, first, everything was different. Instead of having sections (classes), we each have an individual schedule. I liked it better since I got to see ALL my friends instead of only a select few. Then my crew (home room) is now upstairs and all my classrooms are switched. We share a building with another school, and nearly all my classes are now on the other side. And my elective is art, something which originally was only for high-school.

In each class, we went over rules and questions and procedures. In art we drew bugs-bunny xD¬†At lunch I talked with my friends, finished some secret business, and had a great time. I’m so glad that school is back and we’re able to start fresh.

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Dear Journal 1

8/24/2010 What is Wiggle Room?

That depends. How do you define individuality? Free spirit? Fun? Wiggle Room simply means the balance between work and play. Whether your in school or doing chores or simply running errands, responsibility counts. You can’t focus on your work if you’re being goofy and having all fun. There are always moments where you need to put away the bunny ears or helicopter hat and slip on a serious face. Those moments will come, I guarentee you.

Though responisbility is important to start and balance your life, you need to leave Wiggle Room.

Wiggle [wiguh l] Verb, Noun

Verb: To move with short, quick, irregular movements from side to side.

Noun: Space to have fun when life is tough or boring

So you just have to leave room for it. Why be serious when it’s not needed, or when you’re sad?! I believe in Wiggle Room. Do you?

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